AK Promo Tourer 3.5

The AK Promo Tourer 3.5 is the high-quality entry-level model from AK Europe. Thanks to its small size, it can be used anywhere – but with the two slide-outs, it is a true miracle of space with a usable area of just under 15m² and a ten-minute assembly time (by just one person).

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more Information

✓ Available from: 01.07.2022
✓ First registration: 22.12.2021
✓ Type of vehicle: event vehicle
✓ Base: Opel Movano
✓ Vehicle body type: special construction
✓ Main inspection (HU Test): 12/2023 
✓ Approved total weight: 3.500 kg 
✓ Gear type: manual 
✓ Used: yes 
✓ Performance: 120 kW (163 PS) 
✓ Fuel type: diesel 
✓ Emission class: Euro6
✓ Interior: accoring to customers wish

mercedes Sprinter

Expressive and exclusive – is how the Mercedes Sprinter presents itself. The unique exterior design leaves a lasting impression and offers maximum comfort and luxury with a new elegant interior.

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More information to the vehicle

✓ Available: now
✓ First authorisation: 15.06.2021
✓ Version L3H2
✓ HU-test: 06/2024
✓ Max. total weight: 3500 KG
✓ Transmission: Automatic
✓ Kilometerstand: 130
✓ Motor: 319 CDI, 3.0, 190 PS
✓ Type of fuel: diesel
✓ Class of pollutants: Euro6

✓ Interior insulated by multi-layer covering
✓ Flooring with improved vibration- and thermal insulation properties
✓ 6 comfortable seats in the rear of the car
✓ Separate hold with air conditioning
✓ Ambient lighting
✓ Automatic opening of the side door
✓ 8 Seats incl. driver
✓ Foldable table