Up to 60m²
DEKRA certified
High-end Customizing
24 hour service

The largest model in AK Europe’s broadcast series impresses with its enormous amount of space and technical equipment that has been planned down to the last detail and tailored to your needs. This allows you to bring your broadcast to your audience reliably and with the latest standards, even when you are on the road. We rely on products from renowned manufacturers for the equipment to guarantee the high quality and reliability of the image and sound transmission.

For all outdoor applications involving image-sound transmission: The AK Broadcast XXL is the perfect solution for your station and a great all-rounder in terms of technology and space. A customized space and technical solutions tailored to your needs offer the highest quality for broadcasting your content around the world.

Slide-outs for more space

We plan the AK Broadcast XXL according to your requirements – also in terms of space. The freely selectable slide-outs allow you to create one large room or several small ones, e.g. for a back office or a separate interview room.
  • Two slide-outs for a total interior area of 60 m²
  • Multiple slide-outs for several smaller rooms


Thanks to the special hydraulics, the AK Broadcast XXL stands firm and level even on uneven surfaces.
  • Four hydraulic rams with 10,000kg lifting capacity per ram
  • Automatic levelling with control via the driver’s cab


The chassis of the AK Broadcast XXL can be configured to your needs.
  • Two or three axles depending on weight
  • Flat or raised access to the exhibition area
We are happy to advise you on the configuration of the chassis. For example, when boarding, consider whether you want to invite as many people as possible to enter (flat entry) or create a certain barrier to welcome only selected guests on board (entry via several stairs).