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The AK Premium Tourer offers state-of-the-art hospitality at the race track. This special-purpose vehicle, sophisticated down to the last detail, offers you the right solution for all your needs. Thanks to the modular design, it is absolutely flexible: Anything is possible from 80m² and 230m² or from 20 to 250 people. You can also expand your AK Premium Tourer in increments, as the modules can also be purchased separately. And you can set up your hospitality space quickly – depending on the size, the team needs 1 to 3 days to prepare the exclusive event location for you and your guests. A fully integrated air-conditioning and heating system rounds off the technical refinements of the AK Premium Tourer so you can also use it during the winter months.

customer testimonial: eila

With AK Europe we have found a long-term partner in the field of special vehicle construction. From the first idea through the concept development to the manufacture of the vehicle, the cooperation with AK Europe is always professional and reliable.

Sebastian Eiselt / CEO
The AK Premium Tourer is the all-round talent in the Extra Class at the race track: As a team hospitality space or sponsor location, it offers plenty of space for your team, guests and employees thanks to its modular construction and exquisite equipment.

Technical equipment

The premium technology in the AK Premium Tourer, alongside its exclusive design, forms the core of hospitality. In addition to a standard set of equipment, we naturally cater to your individual requirements and outfit the location with the devices you desire, including 4 x 65' LED Smart TV, 2 x 32' LED Smart TV, central TV control unit, internet router, app-controlled air freshener, satellite system, 3-zone climate control, and a 3-zone audio system.

Kitchen equipment

The spacious kitchen in the AK Premium Tourer is equipped with everything necessary for professional gastronomy. Naturally, we also accommodate your preferences here and customize the kitchen for you. Among the existing features are a Rational combi-steamer, a 4-burner gas stove, a deep fryer, a 60-liter tilting braising pan, a Winterhalter dishwasher, a 1,400-liter refrigeration system, two sinks, an extractor hood, an LED television, and various hanging cabinets.

Bar equipment

The exclusive bar in the AK Premium Tourer comes with amenities that leave nothing to be desired. Should you require specific devices, we can naturally plan and integrate them. Among the existing features are a portafilter coffee machine, coffee grinder, 30kg ice machine, Winterhalter glass dishwasher, and 2 beverage refrigerators.

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