Set up time under 10 minutes
one person required
B driving license
15m² total area

Available from € 79,900*. 
Financing rate of € 850.00 (plus VAT) per month.


The AK Promo Tourer 3.5 is the high-quality entry-level model from AK Europe. Thanks to its small size, it can be used anywhere – but with the two slide-outs, it is a true miracle of space with a usable area of just under 15m² and a ten-minute assembly time (by just one person). Like all special-purpose vehicles from AK Europe, the AK Promo Tourer 3.5 can also be customized, both in terms of technical and high-quality interior equipment and, of course, in terms of design.


Customer testimonial: Xtreme Concepts

We have already conducted several projects and roadshows with the vehicle. Among other things, we launched a new Samsung product with the AK Promo Tourer 3.5.

Serge Blommaert / Xtreme Concepts
The AK Promo Tourer 3.5 is the perfect solution for companies that want to do smaller promo tours with their brand. It is also ideal for use as a mobile laboratory, counselling center or meeting room.

Flexible Usage

The AK Promo Tourer 3.5 can be set up by one person within 10 minutes. The vehicle can be supplied with electricity both externally and independently by a generator, thus guaranteeing you a high level of flexibility.

Individual configuration

In order to offer you the greatest possible comfort while driving, the chassis and the whole interior of the AK Promo Tourer 3.5 is freely configurable.

Modern Technologies

Thanks to the special hydraulics, the AK Promo Tourer 3.5 stands completely level even on uneven surfaces.

Construction in detail

Interested in all facts and figures in detail?
See the technical drawing below.

Before - After

How to set up the AK Promo Tourer 3.5?