14m² office area
Space for 4 racecars
DEKRA certified
Adjustable floor in the loading area

Available from 239.000 * EUR

* plus VAT

With two slide-outs, the AK Race Tourer Double Size offers additional space so you can set up your office at any location. 14m² of space is available here for desks, shelves or a lounge area. Like the other AK Race Tourers from AK Europe, the Double Size with its Adjustable intermediate floor in the loading area offers full flexibility for racing teams running different racing series – it can be adapted to the size of the loaded racing vehicles.

Customer testimonial:
W Racing Team

After two years of collaboration we found a partner in AK Europe, which we can rely on not only on the good days but also in the hard times!

Vincent Vosse / Owner
The AK Race Tourer Double Size is perfect for racing teams that need plenty of office space in the paddock. The office furnishings are freely configurable and designed with furniture and materials from renowned manufacturers.

Equipment and technology as desired

To ensure you receive a perfect touring vehicle that leaves nothing to be desired in your daily business, we customize your AK Race Tourer Double Size according to your wishes and requirements. Only high-quality materials are used for both the interior design and technical components.

Two slide-outs for office

The two slide-outs expand the available space in the AK Race Tourer Double Size. As a result, this unit can not only transport four vehicles but also impress with an additional 14m² of separated office space.


The chassis of the AK Race Tourer Double Size can be configured to suit your specific requirements. This flexibility allows for a customized adaptation to meet diverse needs and demands.

Construction in Detail

Interested in all facts and figures in detail?
See the technical drawing below.

Before - After