Set up time under 15 minutes
one person required
Up to 27 m² total space
Individually configurable

Size S availabe from 99.900 Euro
Monthly rental fee from 4.520 EUR

The AK Smart Space is available in two different sizes ( S and L ) it has a total space from 23m² or 27m². Thanks to the two automatic slide-outs the trailer can be built up in only a couple of minutes and personalised to your needs. The technical equipment as well as the look-feel can be customized. The entrance stairs of the unit can be flexibly mounted from the right, left or center, depending on the location.

The AK Smart Space is the perfect solution for companies driving small promotion tours with their brand. The trailer is built up easily and fast and can be customized within a short period of time.

Flexible Usage

The AK Smart Space can be moved quickly and easily with a car and is therefore flexible to use. With just 10 minutes of assembly time by one person, the unit is particularly efficient. In addition, the vehicle can be supplied with electricity both externally and independently by a generator, thus guaranteeing complete independence.

Individual configuration

The AK Smart Space can be equipped and branded as desired to meet your individual needs. We always cater to your wishes in both room planning and general deployment planning.

Modern Technologies

Thanks to the four lifting rams, the AK Smart Space stands completely straight, even on uneven surfaces. The electric slide-outs generate a spacious and air-flooded space.

Construction in detail

  Base vehicle model Knott 3.5t
  Total permitted weight(kg) 3500
  Interior surface of the showroom (m²) 27m² (L)
A External vehicle length, closed (mm) [incl. Drawbar] 7863 [9430] (L)
B External vehicle width, closed (mm) 2560 (L)
C External vehicle height, closed (mm) 3200 (L)
D External vehicle length, open (mm) [without stairs] 11083 [10080] (L)
E External vehicle width, open (mm)  4510 (L)
F Internal vehicle length (mm) 6320 (L)
G Internal vehicle width, open (mm) 4420 (L)
H Internal vehicle height (mm) 2420 (L)
I Internal slide-out length (mm) 5410 (L)
J Internal slide-out height (mm) 1950 (L)

Before - after

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